Concrete Paving Companies Face Unique Challenges in Florida

Concrete paving companies in Florida face a powerful adversary while doing their work in Florida: water. The entire state of Florida has water flowing just beneath the surface. The Florida aquifer supplies drinking water to 10 million people but creates a headache for concrete paving companies because of the constant threat of sinkholes and unstable land. When you have rocks that can be naturally dissolved by water circulation like limestone, carbonate rock, salt bed, sinkholes will abound because spaces and caverns develop underground as the rocks dissolve. Often, you never see sinkholes coming because the land generally stays intact as the underground space enlarges. When there isn’t enough support for the land, sudden collapses can occur, destroying the houses and roads that are on top.

Concrete paving companies need to be aware of the geological conditions where they operate. The Floridan aquifer spans an area of about 100,000 square miles (260,000 km2) in the southeastern United States, including all of Florida and parts of southern Alabama, southeastern Georgia, and southern South Carolina. The Upper Floridan aquifer is mostly freshwater but becomes brackish and saline south of Lake Okeechobee.

The Floridan aquifer system tops out in central and southern Georgia where the limestone, and its weathered byproducts, are present at land surface. The aquifer system generally dips below land surface to the south where it becomes buried beneath surficial sand deposits and clay. In areas depicted in brown in the image at the right, the Floridan aquifer system crops out and is again exposed at land surface. These regions are particularly prone to sinkhole activity due to the proximity of the karstified limestone aquifer to land surface, so concrete paving companies should always take this into account. 

Water is a life sustaining element that becomes life threatening under the wrong conditions. Experienced concrete paving companies like us here at ARC Development understand the impact of the abundance of water just below the surface in Florida and know how to plan and execute successful projects.